MassBlendTM are diverse masterbatches by using special dispersion technologies which increase the value of end product, reduce the cost of total solution and optimize the manufacture.


  • Natural fiber masterbatch
    Perform beautiful natural fiber pattern on the surface of product. Combining different colors will create infinite exteriors.

  • Food grade biodegradable color masterbatch
    These masterbatches are specially designed to perform well with bioplastics which can be used with PLA, PBAT, PBS, PHA or TPS. The most important is they also food contact approved by EU No.10/2011.

  • Electrically conductive masterbatch
    Got contamination by carbon black? The conductive masterbatch in MassBlendTM helps you make conductive compounds clean and easily.

  • Fortified masterbatch
    Too brittle on recycling? Need to extend the frequency of recycle? Blending small dosage of MassBlendTM into flakes will improve the mechanical properties with low impact of cost.