Polyalloy Inc. was founded in 1986, specializing in thermoplastic compounds, mainly used in the automobile component market. With steady growth, Polyalloy began to develop a variety of thermoplastic materials as the market was also expanding. In 2003, Polyalloy started its market of engineering plastics, mainly to supply the electrically conductive compounds, and also began offering OEM services. After the plant expansion in 2007, the establishment of high purity production lines, providing the grades which can be applied in the food market. In 2010, special materials research and development laboratory was built, providing customers with a more professional, more efficient service with various plastic. So far, Polyalloy has five brands and nearly a thousand grades of compounds, serving many customers around the world.

Our main focus:

      ●  Innovative research and development for market demand.

      ●  Customer service and product quality.

      ●  Staff welfare and customer interests.

      ●  Environmental pollution and industrial safety.

Based on the three core values, creative, accurate and efficient, our goal of global market is not only providing materials to customers, but also a complete solution and reducing market risk while ensuring each supply chain member is profitable. Growing with our customers is our hope.