PoLinkerTM resin is a functional polymer which can improve the performance to polymer compounding or bonding. According to the application, specific grades can be used on impact modifiers, coupling agents, tie layers, adhesives and more.

Grafting maleic anhydride to different polymers by reactive extrusion is one of the core technologies of PoLinkerTM. With high quality reaction, each grade in PoLinkerTM is high graft ratio, odorless and high whiteness.

    Series Description
    PP Functionalized polypropylenes for PP, TPE and WPC (Wood & Plastic Compound)
    POE Nylon modifiers, Adhesion, Barrier coating, PET recycling additive
    PE Functionalized ethylene-based modifiers for tie-layer, NHFR (Non-Halogen Flame Retardant) compounds
    EPDM Functionalized TPR for engineering plastics
    SEBS Functionalized terpolymer for engineering plastics, TPE compounds