High Density Compounds

Using plastic is usually to reduce the weight of products. Do you know that there are some plastics heavier than metal? In order to achieve balance stability, reduce vibration or improve the feeling quality, Polyalloy has developed Xuanwu high density compounds which offer a perfect solution to avoid using lead, zinc, copper and other harmful or rusty metal. They can provide more options on product design. The life of product can be extended.

Xuanwu high density compound can be formulated using a variety of polymers and fillers to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Its advantages include:

  • Density from 2 to 11
  • Very good on density stability
  • Experienced solution
  • Easy to be molded

Cosmetic containers require a luxurious look. In addition to the beautiful painting outside, improving the weight of the container is also necessary. Xuanwu high density compound disperses metal powder into ABS to achieve density 5. The powder box and lipstick shell get more weights from the material. User can actual feel the luxury.

Xuanwu high density polyamide compound with density 9 is heavier than many metals. It can be made to a precise part as a balance weight due to its excellent dimensional stability. It can be used on sports equipment, like golf clubs.

Lead-containing products are limited by global markets, using high density compound can achieve the purpose of lead-free, wasted product can be recycled by metal market through high temperature, comparing to metal is more environmentally friendly.