Non-coating solution by thermoplastic compounds with metallic effect

A major source of man-made VOCs are coatings, especially paints and protective coatings. Solvents are required to spread a protective or decorative film. Approximately 12 billion litres of paints are produced annually. Typical solvents are aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethyl acetate, glycol ethers, and acetone. Motivated by cost, environmental concerns, and regulation, non-coating solution is getting more important for manufacturing.

Metallic effect is a restriction for thermoplastic compounds to replace painting or plating. It is difficult to keep all the metal or pearl powder on the surface of polymer. The reflective structure of filler is easy to be destroyed by compounding shear. Processing temperature may cause metal oxide. Most compounds are unable to achieve as good effect as painting or plating. Some negative factors happen at converting side, like weld, parting line or flow mark.

Polyalloy has developed a new product which consists of metal filler, providing permanent metallic effects. Known as VeryGreenTM non-coating, this thermoplastic compound features different metallic pattern and color, offering a perfect solution for replacing painting or partial plating.

Using VeryGreenTM non-coating, further treatment after injection is unnecessary, saving cost from painting process and VOC protection. In addition, it can be recycled easily after life ending of product.

VeryGreenTM non-coating is available in a variety of resin systems, including PC, ABS and others, it can also be customized with toughness reinforcements, flame retardant properties, and anti-scratch.