PoLinker Offers a New Solution for Recycling of Polycarbonate and its Alloys

Polyalloy Inc., specialty compounder since 1986, has developed a new solution for impact modification of PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, especially on injection of regrind. It helps molders to reuse the flakes from runner, trim scrap or defective product.
PC is a very popular engineering plastic due to its high impact properties and heat resistance. Reusing the production waste is always a major challenge to manufacturers. Usually, a compounding process with the modified powder is necessary to improve the impact strength. It also causes the problems like processing cost, storage of waste and risk of contamination. The impact modifier of PC in PoLinkerTM can be used without compounding process. Dry blending PoLinkerTM with flakes and injecting the blend under normal conditions significantly enhances the impact strength of the prduct.

PoLinkerTM uses the technology of reactive extrusion to make polymer be grafted with functional group. The elastomer with functional group can be the impact modifier by adding into certain engineering plastics. A new grade of PoLinkerTM has perfect capability with PC which is easy to be dispersed and repairs the defect of its structure.
The heat deflection temperature (HDT) of polymer will not be affected by using the impact modifier. Easy process is also an advantage due to its pellet form.