Q1. What is the grafted compound?

Certain polymers can be grafted functional group during compounding process. The polarity of grafted compound is enhanced which is capable to be a coupling agent or adhesive.


Q2. What kind of chemical do you graft on polymers?

Maleic anhydride (MA) or Glycidyl methacrylate. (GMA)


Q3. How do you make grafted compounds?

We are using reactive extrusion to make grafted compounds. The initiator reacts with polymer and let the functional group bonded to it.


Q4. Can you graft the MA or GMA to all kinds of polymers?

No, we are unable to make grafted compounds of all polymers. Reactive extrusion has more restrictions than polymerization.


Q5. Why do we make grafted compounds instead of synthesis methods?

With reactive extrusion, the producing scale can be small and flexible. It’s also easier to adjust the formula without costing lots resources.


Q6. What can I do with grafted compounds?

Typically, you can use grafted compound as a coupling agent, like the toughner in glass fiber reinforced PP. In multilayers films, many tie-layers are grafted compounds. More and more applications of grafted compounds are developed.


Q7. I am making a polymer with calcium carbonate compound. Can I add MA grafted compound to improve its properties?

Theoretically, calcium carbonate is a nature filler which does not have nucleophile to bond with MA. Add MA grafted compound won’t improve its performance.


Q8. What kinds of grafted compound can I use on polyamide to enhance its toughness?

MA grafted elastomer is a good option to do such work. The most popular is MA grafted polyolefin elastomer. EPDM-g-MA or SEBS-g-MA has more benefit but cost is higher.


Q9. Can I add small dosage of grafted compound into PE, PP, PA or EVOH so I don’t need the tie-layer?

It seems a smart way to save the cost. In fact, small dosage of grafted compound won’t offer enough functional groups for bonding with another polymer. Furthermore, the grafted compound may not be able to blend with certain polymer.


Q10. Can I add a little grafted compound into polymer so it will have better color fastness on coating?

A little grafted compound will not change much Dyne of polymer.